1. Introduction
  2. Performance requirements - theory, practice, and teaching
  3. Car interior, equipment, operation, and documents
  4. Maneuvers on the Closed Practice Area
  5. Cars and other vehicles' ability to maneuver
  6. Traffic behavior
  7. Road conditions
  8. Basic rules for driving
  9. Maneuvers on the road
  10. Special risk factors in traffic
  11. Maneuvers at driving technical facility

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What is the difference between Platin, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages?

Except from Platin that also includes Subject tests – All packages contain the same theory tests. The difference is the length of time the password is active. The packages are not physical packages, but rather exclusively online theory tests.

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Right of cancellation

Please note that he right of cancellation is NOT provided on digital products.


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Why does the audio overlap on the picture?

The system works in the way that when you begin a theory test, in principle you download pictures and audio. Therefore, you must have a good internet connection. Regardless of how fast your internet connection is, there are times when things take a little more time. The problem may be due to network problems our or your provider is experiencing, but most often the problem is add-in programmes, (add-in programmes in the browser are, e.g. Multimedia add-in programs, search panels or other programmes that are normally displayed on the tool bar in the browser), the size of the computer’s memory, space on the hard disk and condition and the programmes that run in the background at the same time as when you are on teoriklar.dk

Tip for users of wireless networks

When you establish connection to a wireless network (Wi-Fi), the speed of the internet connection is affected by where the computer is placed and whether other wireless units are in the same area. Move closer to the access point in order to improve the connection speed and make sure there are no physical barriers between the access point and the computer.

Even though I have answered all the questions correctly, they do not turn red, yellow or green. What have I done wrong?

There must be no check-mark next to Result between questions (no points) (You have check-marked next to Result between questions (no points)).

Why are there only 11 theory tests?

Teoriklar.dk has decided to only use the same situations you can expect with the police’s final theory test. Of course, we could expand our theory tests with hundreds of theory tests, but this makes no sense because it would be a waste of time and, as mentioned before, we have the same theory situations as the police’s final theory test. Pass Teoriklar’s theory tests and you will be very prepared for the final theory test

Can I see the tests and pictures where I have made errors?

Yes, once the theory test is over, an overview will appear of all the pictures. By clicking on the picture with the red frame, you can see the questions, the correct answers and explanation.