1. Introduction
  2. Performance requirements - theory, practice, and teaching
  3. Car interior, equipment, operation, and documents
  4. Maneuvers on the Closed Practice Area
  5. Cars and other vehicles' ability to maneuver
  6. Traffic behavior
  7. Road conditions
  8. Basic rules for driving
  9. Maneuvers on the road
  10. Special risk factors in traffic
  11. Maneuvers at driving technical facility

Pass the police's theory test

Online theory tests


Traditional theory tests

It is possible here to take theory tests similar to theThe Danish Road Traffic Agency (Færdselsstyrelsen) traditional theory tests in which you are shown 25 questions and where two, five or ten seconds elapse between each option.

Just like in the new digital tests, you do not have the option to go back and change your answer. The traditional theory test will, over time, be replaced by new digital theory tests across the whole country.

Digital theory tests

Our digital theory tests present situations where you have to choose the correct statement. It's important to note that there may be several correct answer options in the same picture. You should only mark the statements you believe to be true.

In contrast to the official tests of the Danish Road Directorate, which use animated images, we use authentic photographs in our tests. We have deliberately chosen to present realistic images to ensure authenticity and realism. The images in our theory tests thus reflect the same traffic situations as those presented by The Danish Road Traffic Agency (Færdselsstyrelsen). Learn more on the Danish Road Directorate's website.