1. Introduction
  2. Performance requirements - theory, practice, and teaching
  3. Car interior, equipment, operation, and documents
  4. Maneuvers on the Closed Practice Area
  5. Cars and other vehicles' ability to maneuver
  6. Traffic behavior
  7. Road conditions
  8. Basic rules for driving
  9. Maneuvers on the road
  10. Special risk factors in traffic
  11. Maneuvers at driving technical facility

Tips and advice

Tips for the theory test


How does the theory test take place?

The actual theory test is done by clicking your way through a number of questions. These are typically related to traffic from the driver's seat perspective.

You must only make a decision on what you can see in the picture, unless a question is asked directly about something else. You will be told how fast you are driving or where you must go. A question will then be asked about how you will continue, what will you do, or what you should be especially aware of. Other types of questions may also be asked.

The theory test consists of 25 pictures about which you must answer a number of questions. Each one has up to four multiple choice options for each picture. Out of the 25 pictures, you may only give five incorrect check-marks. The first incorrect check-mark counts just as much as four incorrect check-marks in the same picture.

Be ready for the theory test

Online theory tests

You will have access to more than 1,000 multiple choice options. Our theory tests have been tested on more than 140 students before we launched it. Everyone passed the first time.

What do I need to remember?

Important: Remember to bring everything with you. You will be refused if you do not bring:

  • Your application. Check that you have all necessary signatures.
  • Lesson plan. Check that your name and all necessary signatures are on the form.
  • Officially issued ID with photo, e.g. your passport.
  • Residence permit. Your residence permit, if any, must be brought with you.
  • Driver's licence for controlling driving test. This will be confiscated if you do not pass!

Arrive well-prepared

  • Avoid stress. Arrive in good time for your theory test. Preferably 15 minutes before. The doors are closed punctually. If you arrive after the doors are closed, the test will be wasted and you will have to pay for a new test and there will be a new waiting period!
  • Once the test has begun, you must concentrate as the voice and the pictures run automatically.
  • If you are in doubt about an answer, then remember that your first impulse is often the correct one.

Nervous before the theory test

Most people are, but think about how well-prepared you are after having gone through the theory tests with teoriklar.dk and consequently well-prepared for the theory test. You will also be given a few guiding questions prior to the actual theory test. Traps are not incorporated in the questions either. The intention is not for you to fail the test!

Practical driving test

Remember to bring:

  • Application for your driver's licence.
  • Passport or original birth certificate.
  • Residence permit, if any.
  • Student booklet (log books), all signatures must be apparent.

The above does not apply to reacquiring commercial driver's licences and commercial driver's licence students.